• Center Director: Dr. Mohammed Yahya Shalabi
  • Created: 30/01/2006
  • Phone: (+2 02) 26833462 - 01111257246
  • Fax: (+2 02) 26833462
  • E-mail: Mshalaby88@gmail.com

Centre's objectives

  • Contributing to the studies and consultations in the fields of communications, electronics, optical, both academic and applied.
  • Preparation of outstanding ability scientifically and practically specialized cadres.
  • Preparation labs to a high level of technique.
  • The establishment of scientific seminars and scientific sessions, workshops and research and scientific conferences and exhibitions.
  • Contribute to the modernization of existing industries, which enters the applications of these branches of knowledge and the introduction of the new and the training of those who made it.

Center Achievements

Applied research

  • Spectrometer to measure the properties of plant electromechanical systems optical technology.