Unity objectives

  • Tests on the metal materials and metals.
  • Inspection of the production of metallic materials and metals.
  • Calibration and tuning machines and test equipment metallic and metallic materials.

Unit Achievements

Training courses

  • Use the microcontrollers applications.
  • Training courses for engineers and college in the fields of mechatronics.

Agreements and Protocols

  • A cooperation between the unit and the National Organization for Potable Water and Sanitary Drainage Protocol contract, dated 1/1/2004 and renewed every two years.
  • A cooperation between the unit and the Centre for Planning and Pharmaceutical policies , Ministry of Health and Population on 1/4/2008 and will last for two years held Protocol.


  • Infrastructure renewal of mechanical tests lab of the unit.
  • Creative graduation projects support and small businesses.


  • Conducting several tests and tests according to international standards, which the acceptance of products are based on.
  • Conducting consultancy studies and studies of the experience of all the issues associated with the production.
  • Falls and uses analysis of substances in various fields of engineering.
  • Providing engineering consultancy in the fields of welding and molding metals and the formation and operation of these materials in all their alloys.

Applied research

  • Supporting the research activity of the masters of researchers and faculty members in the field of mechatronics.