Unity objectives

  • Assist the university in its mission, either in education or training or research.
  • Do scientific and applied research and solving realistic problems through GIS different areas of engineering applications.
  • Carrying out all types of integrated engineering consulting and studies that aim to meet the needs of the community and the transfer of geographic information and applications of different areas of engineering systems technology.
  • Development of new technological methods in the field of technology and geographic information systems applications engineering and training.
  • Holding conferences and scientific meetings, workshops, and participating in the training sessions and raise the technical skills in the field of specialty unity and to send delegates of the unit to hold them at home and abroad.

Unit Achievements

Training courses

  • Integrated course in geographic information systems, the number of beneficiaries 10 beneficiaries.
  • Free course in the Super Mab the number of beneficiaries 25 beneficiaries.
  • Advanced geospatial analyzes ,the number of beneficiaries 6 beneficiaries.
  • Construction and design of geographic databases, the number of beneficiaries 9 beneficiary
  • Free course in purification of drinking water and sewage according to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 17025: 2005 ,Number of beneficiaries 31 beneficiaries
  • Sessions controller (a cooperation protocol with Jelikum company) the number of beneficiaries 312 beneficiaries
  • Quality assurance and accreditation number of beneficiaries 18 beneficiaries systems


  • Introductory seminars loneliness and activities.
  • GIS Seminar.


  • Follow-up activities of the unit and project management technology and integrated modeling of environmental resources participating parties conference (representatives of the EU office in Egypt - Sohag University - Assiut University - representatives of the main Company for Water and Sanitation - REGWA company - Sekem - other institutions in the field of water - body sensing distance).