General Information

  • Center Director: Dr. Yasser Mogahed
  • Created: 30/11/1992
  • Phone: (+ 2) 01224054839
  • Fax: (+2 02) 26830772
  • E-mail: ECC@eng.asu.edu.eg

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Centre's Objectives

  • The center do all types of integrated engineering consultancy, research and studies aimed at resolving the problems facing the various engineering and industrial fields of development and the creation of new methods and training and retraining with what it takes it from closer cultural and scientific links with local universities and foreign public bodies.
  • The Centre is to achieve its objectives through the experiences of faculty and teaching assistants and faculty members and relies on laboratory possibilities in college and always seeks to support the latest equipment and equipment.
  • The Centre is to achieve its objectives through the special nature of specialized units.

Center Achievements

Consulting and studies:

  • Preparation of technical designs to create a number two ground storage tank and create turbid water tank at the turbid water station at El mokattam holding company for drinking water and sanitation drinking water company in Greater Cairo.
  • Preparation of design and oversee the replacement and renovation of the station, central air conditioning Center Cairo International Conference Center process.
  • Supervising the construction and architectural works built for a vocational training center in the industrial zone of Beni Suef and the Ministry of Trade and industry, Sufficiently productive and vocational training agency.
  • Review and approve engineering drawings for the issuance of industrial record for the company - Jimka company for engineering works.
  • A review of the design and the development of treatment and strengthening appropriate for a project building and service center of Akatra Mustafa Consulting Engineers.
  • Review and approval of construction drawings for the completion of the project of 11 Building for officers at Zahra Nasr City, Esma trade for General Contracting Company.
  • Review the structural design and the adoption of graphics for the construction of a 7 flat building 800 meters for the building, consisting of ground floor +4 floors - Heliopolis Housing and Development.
  • Review and approve engineering drawings for the company's products - Nile Company for manufacturing and repairing cars.
  • Review and approve drawings creates a concrete wall of the Amal housing project - Estec Company for Trading and General Contracting.
  • Review and approve graphics of products factory for the manufacture and assembly of quad-stroke motorcycle El Salam Group Company for Industrial Development and Real Estate Investment.
  • Preparing a technical report and preview and assay work for the state of the buildings and damage work finishes to project the tourist village of El Arish in North Sinai Governorate - union committee for road transport workers in Cairo.
  • Preparation of technical specifications ground station electricity supply lines, Faculty of Education, Secretary General of the Office of Ain Shams University.

Agreements and Protocols

  • Protocol of cooperation between the center and the company of drinking water in Greater Cairo.
  • Protocol of cooperation between the center and the sanitation company of Greater Cairo.
  • Protocol of cooperation between the center and the Nemaeq Office Consulting Engineers, Saudi Arabia.

Releases and Bulletins

  • Number of publications: a booklet actively center and units of a special nature gives businesses and asylum engineering consultancy with the technical offers definition.