Director of the Unit Data

Basic data of the unit

  • Created: 27/11/2006
  • Phone: (+2 02) 26842774
  • Fax: (+2 02) 26842774 - 26850617
  • E-mail: Imhafez@yahoo.com

Unity objectives

  • Design, development and maintenance of systems and electronic circuits.
  • Design, analysis and operation of industrial software.
  • Design and construction of linear and digital filters.
  • Design quality standards.
  • Do the research in the field of electronics.
  • Specialized engineering and technical training.

Achievements Unit

Training courses

  • PLC training the number of beneficiaries 750 students
  • scada training

Agreements and Protocols

  • A cooperation protocol between the Japanese Telecommunications Company and the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University and the unity of communications electronics in the field of training protocol for 5 years.