Centre's objectives

  • Applied research and innovative using local raw materials.
  • Develop appropriate technology for the manufacture of local raw materials.
  • Feasibility and advisory services studies.
  • Personnel training in the field of local raw materials manufacturing.
  • The establishment of seminars in the fields of development of small-scale industries and the development of local communities.

Center Achievements

Consulting and studies

  • Automatic feed line for Alsharkia Company.
  • Design products for the benefit of the Arab Contractors Company.
  • Study the phenomenon of vibrations household washers for the GMC company.
  • Implement a pump water for the benefit of the National Authority for Military Production.
  • Design and oversee the implementation of hydrostatic testing machine for concrete pipes diameter 2500 mm.
  • Supervising the conveyor belt manufacturing in favor of the Eastern Company.
  • Mechanical tests of a variety of a number of companies and factories and the Agricultural Research Center.
  • Designing water pumps.
  • Review designs machines.
  • Adoption of engineering drawings for some companies.
  • Design and oversee the implementation of flipping machine laboratory capacity of 100 kg for the Eastern Company.
  • Technical Report for the army burst water pipe Square - Cairo.
  • Conduct studies on noise for Anvironks company.
  • Conducting environmental impact of many industrial and national projects such as the fourth-line project for the new underground corridor at Cairo airport studies.
  • A project to reduce noise Farag water station.
  • Project noise reduction units central air conditioning Ambassador Hotel.
  • A draft amendment to the design of fans Royal Cement Company to reduce vibration.