Director of the Unit Data

Basic data of the unit

  • Created: 04/30/1979
  • Phone: (+2 02) 26822576
  • Fax: (+2 02) 26822576
  • E-mail: Pecu@eng.asu.edu.eg

Unity objectives

  • To provide scientific advice to the local manufacturing units.
  • Build a channel of communication between the Egyptian authorities and engineering education industries.
  • Training courses to raise the scientific level in the field of production and design of industrial engineering.
  • Provide university and colleges needs of wood furnishings.

Achievements Unit

  • Papers cupboards
  • Personal belongings Cupboards
  • Hanging Cupboards
  • Faculty offices
  • Computer tables
  • Stand Wall
  • Home Windows

Other business

  • Summer training for students in the third year during the 2013/2014 summer vacation for three weeks to take advantage of wood loss.
  • Student Activity (IDT) conduct a study to organize the work and time into the workshop in December 2014 - January 2015.