About Us

About Us

This department was established in 1956 in order to graduate engineers in the field of electronics & communications. After finishing his second year in the electrical engineering department the student can start his third (junior) year in the section of electronics & communication.

Our Vision

  • Elect and Comm. field is a major driving force for the world economy and society development.
  • Being an excellent Dept. with the international standards with impact on our society.

Our Mission

  • Building the scientific and professional personality of our graduate engineer.
  • Participating in the generation of science in the field of electronics and communications Engineering
  • Participating in the development of our society through a strong relation with the local and international industry.
  • Increase both theoretical and practical experiences of the student in the fields of communication systems using different technologies such as radio and microwaves, optics and fiber optics, satellites, in addition to the ordinary wire communication, digital exchanges, microelectronics technology, fabrication and applications. Several specialized laboratories have been recently developed to include the modern scientific equipment in different fields.