The Computer and Systems Engineering Department strives to prepare highly qualified engineers, who are vital to the development of state-of-the-art, computer-based products, to efficiently fulfill the growing needs of the local and international markets. Click Here for more information about Computer and Systems Engineering.

Goals and Objectives

CSE graduates should

  • Think in a creative and innovative way to find computer-based solutions to engineering problems.
  • Apply their knowledge of science to design and create computer-based systems that are safe, reliable, and practical.
  • Have a strong background in software design, especially in the ways that software and hardware interact.
  • Utilize digital computers in instrumentation and process control applications.

Faculty Staff Members

  • 20 Professors.
  • 9 Associate Professors.
  • 14 Assistant Professors.
  • 21 Teaching Assistants.

Scientific Degrees

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering – Computer and Systems.
  • Postgraduate Diplomas
    • Computer Engineering.
    • Computer Networks.
    • Software Engineering.
    • Computer-Controlled Systems.
    • Industrial Systems Control.
  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering – Computer and Systems.
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering – Computer and Systems.

Facilities and Laboratories

  • Two seminar rooms equipped with smart boards and data shows.
  • A library of journals, and theses.
  • Two computer programming labs.
  • Software engineering lab.
  • Computer networks lab.
  • Control systems lab.
  • Emedded systems lab.
  • Logic and control circuit applications labs.
  • Research lab equiped with a seminar room. 

Head of Department

Current Head of Deoartment

Former Heads of Department

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