University Requirements

The university is considered a core of Human Thinking at its highest level, and the source of investment and development of human resources. It is concerned with the rise of the Arabian Civilization and the Historical Heritage of the Egyptian Society, and its traditions. It is also concerned with the education of Religion, Morals and Nationalism (Egyptian National Law for Universities, Law 49 for Year 1972). Therefore, Ain Shams University graduate should be:

  1. Aware of national, regional and international contemporary issues, to have an intellectual and enlightened personality and to interact effectively in the community through different communication skills.

To achieve this goal, Ain Shams University has designed a number of courses planned to build the student personality, develop his skills, and increase his awareness of different topics. These courses are called University
Requirements. The Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University has selected some of these courses to be offered within the Engineering Programs. These courses are:

A placement test in English Language will be conducted for some admitted students to the Faculty of Engineering. If the student passes this test, then he will be exempted from taking the Technical English Language Course. The Technical English Language course is a pre-requisite for all Faculty requirements courses.
For ASU322 – Language course, any non-English language is accepted including Arabic. If a student has an equivalent certificate, he is exempted from taking this course. Examples of equivalent certificates: TOEFL, IELTS … etc.
History of Architecture Course is not eligible for students enrolled in Architectural Engineering Program, Landscape Architecture Program, Environmental Architecture and Urbanism Program, and Housing Architecture and Urban Development Program.