Hussein Mohamed Aly Mashaly

Emeritus Professor at Electrical Power and Machines Engineering

Career Information

Emeritus at : 2022-12-19
Professor at : 2007-01-25
Assistant Professor at : 2000-11-27
Teacher at : 1995-04-30
Teacher Assistant at : 1989-12-27
Demonstrator at : 1985-09-04

Academic Information

Graduation : june / 1985 From Faculty of Engineering , Ain shams University


Prof. Dr. Hussein Mashaly is a professor of Power Electronics in the faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University-Cairo, Egypt since 2006.
Dr. Mashaly earned the PhD's degrees in 1995. Its topic was applying artificial intelligent controllers for the renewable energy systems from Ain Shams University through scientific channel with New Brunswick University in Canada. Dr. Mashaly is an industrial field expert as he developed many advanced electrical and electronics systems like Machines drives, power rectifiers, Battery charges, and electronics load banks. Also he has a wide contribution in designing electrical distribution systems, harmonics filters and power factor correction in high voltage systems. He conducted too many successful projects in the industrial field during the past 30 years. Dr. Mashaly has conducted too many short courses and in-house courses in Egypt, Malaysia, Arab world and Gulf region.
The research interested fields are: PV systems, Wind energy systems, Fuel cells, Electrical drives, Power Electronics converters, Switched power supplies, power quality, and artificial intelligent controllers applications.


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Research Projects

1. Electromagnetic Field Measurement 1995
2. IGBT DC Chopper 1996
3. Microcontroller Based DC Chopper 1997
4. Static VAR Compensator 1998
5. HVDC Simulator 1999
6. Induction Motor Soft Starter 2000
7. PWM Inverter 2001
8. Scada System for Transformer Substation 2002
9. Microcontroller Based PWM I.M. Drive 2003
10. Advanced Automation Topics, Scada-PLC & Drives 2004
11. Advanced Automation topics: position control using
PLC & Scada systems 2005
12. PLC, Scada & 3-D Motion 2006
13. Railway Safety and Automation 2007
14. PLC & Scada for Wind Energy System 2008
15. PLC & Scada for Wind Energy Generator 2009
16. MTX building systems investigation 2010