Vision & Mission


WDS vision is to establish a platform open for students from the three continents to engage in a multi-disciplinary learning experience that qualifies them to be competitors in the global market. 
WDS will celebrate the diversity of its partners and direct it to create strong cross-cultural communication among them on multiple levels (Administration, faculty members, students and alumni) and to graduate students who can face local, national and global challenges.


As part of the School of Architecture, the WDS mission fosters transformational design and preservation leadership, shaping the environment of the 21st century for a better future. 
The WDS is dedicated to:

  • Educating future architects, landscape architects, and urban designers, through rigorous and expansive design education, integrating local and global understanding.
  • Generating knowledge that addresses the great challenges of the time through innovative, interdisciplinary research, practice and scholarship.
  • Advocating the improvement and preservation of built, natural and social environments, through design activism, public service and public education.