Ahmed Osama
CMOR Director                                                        



Mohamed El Esawey
Associate Professor                                                         



Dr. Osama received his PhD in Transportation Engineering from the University of British Columbia (UBC). He authored/co-authored more than 20 publications in the fields of safety planning, active transportation, education, public transportation, and autonomous vehicles. His work gained him awards from UBC, Institute of Transportation Engineers, Canadian Transportation Research Forum, and Transport Canada. As a researcher, Dr. Osama had participated in several projects within Canada (Vancouver, Edmonton, and Surrey) and abroad (Adelaide, and Doha). As a consultant, he was involved in crowd management projects in El Masjid El-Nabawi and Mecca, KSA. He also participated in developing the Egyptian E-Mobility Strategy in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) as well as supervised, with ITDP and UN Habitat, the first Egyptian Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for the New Urban Communities Authority. 

Current Students



Dr. El Esawey has over 19 years of experience in traffic engineering, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), transportation planning and demand modeling, and traveler information systems. He previously worked as a Senior Highway Safety Engineer at BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. Dr. El Esawey did extensive research in traffic safety, sustainable transportation, design of unconventional intersections, micro-simulation modelling, advanced data algorithms & imputation and real-time travel time estimation. Dr. El Esawey is an author of many publications in leading journals, conference/workshop presentations and technical reports. Dr. Elesawey has won numerous awards for his technical and academic excellence demonstrated in his body of research. These work experiences allowed him to participate in many transportation engineering projects at local, national, regional, and international scales.

Mahmoud Farrag, MSc
Research Assistant-PhD Student



Hesham El-Masry, BSc
Research Assistant-MSc Student



Ahmed Nasr, BSc
Research Assistant-Computer Scientist



Mahmoud Gamal, BSc
Research Assistant-MSc Student