Advanced manufacturing processing

Metal Forming: Severe plastic deformation using different techniques such as ECAP and ARB techniques of aluminum alloys. Severe plastic deformation is a recent technique used to obtain ultrafine grains in the material to provide special properties such as higher strength and ductility, better corrosion and wear resistance. Different techniques and materials were used in this group of research such as aluminum and aluminum alloys, composite materials.  
3D printing: 3D printing is a recent manufacturing technique and is highly demanded all over the world and recently in Egypt as it allows the fabrication of metallic and polymeric components directly from the CAD model without the need of casting, forming, or machining processes. In the present work is some initial publications to study the effect of process parameters on the microstructure and properties of 3D printed parts mainly made of special tool steel in order to determine the optimum process parameters to give the best mechanical properties.

Research Team

  1. Nahed El-Mahallawy

Related Journal Publication List

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