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In the framework of monitoring the progress achieved by the Materials Engineering & Metallurgy Labs (MEML), Faculty of Engineering, Ain shams university, for acquiring the accreditation of ISO 17025. 
A committee from the project management unit in the ministry of Higher Education and Scientific research visited the MEML on Tuesday, 14th March 2023.
Prof. Omar El-Hussieny, the  Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Ain shams university, chaired the meeting in the presence of Prof. Osama Sakr, Head of the project management unit in the ministry of Higher Education and Scientific research,  Prof. Mahmoud Wafiq and Prof. Farahat Saad consultants for the project management unit. Additionally, Prof Ahmed Monieb El-Sabbagh, Vice-dean for student affairs and executive director of the project, Prof. Ramadan Elgamsy, Deputy Executive Director of the project, and Prof. Haitham Zohny, Acting Director of the Unit of Continuous Development and Quality Assurance in the faculty of engineering. In addition to the attendance of the project members: Dr. Mohamed Atef, Dr. Marwan Faisel, Dr. Ahmed Wagdy, and  Dr. Ahmed Hassan.
A summary of the project's achievements and objectives was presented, showing the steps taken to develop the laboratory's infrastructure, addressing the existing problems, and qualifying the faculty members, the assisting body, and the technicians through training courses as a preparation phase for the accreditation of ISO 17025.
The project, funded by the project management unit, aims to get international accreditation for the Materials Engineering & Metallurgy Laboratory (MEML) Code: LPTS1-001--AIN at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, with 120,000 Egyptian Pounds (EGP) funded from the project to support the laboratory to obtain international accreditation ISO 17025.
The following tests are conducted in the Materials Engineering & Metallurgy Laboratory (MEML):

  Types of test/properties Measured Range of Measurement
1 Tensile testing of metallic materials
2 Mechanical testing of steel products
3 Rockwell hardness of metallic materials
4 Reinforcing bars and wires
5 Tensile properties of plastics