Youth Care

It is the administration concerned with the student activities within the college and the legitimate channel in which the students practice their different activities.

The organizational structure

  • Youth Care Manager

He is at the head of the internal organizational structure of the department, in which he is responsible for the follow-up work within the system management and the coordination between the committees and the supervisors on the Student Union to develop and implement business plans and follow up the implementation of those plans to serve college students.

  • The youth care is made up of six committees, namely

  • The Social Committee

It is responsible for the implementation and supervision of promising and recreational trips, it's also involved with providing assistance to students who are unable to provide school fees in multiple ways (supporting books, pay tuition fees for students who are unable to provide them, study groups tickets).

  • The Sports committee

It is characterized by a broad base of college students, and it is one of the largest activity making committees in the Student Union in terms of the number of students participating in the activity. The committee organize a regular football league between the college students each semester and a ping pong league.
It also participates in all sports activities on the university level and gain many special rankings in most of the games (basketball, Swimming, Football, Volleyball, athletics, table tennis, games of self-defense ... etc.)

  • The Scouts and public service committee

The committee operates through the preparation and implementation of public service projects within the college or university in coordination with the General Union, and Teaching the participating students bu using activity the skill of self-reliance and practicing of life in the outdoors through the organization and implementation of Scout training camps.

  • The Art Committee

It is responsible for enhancing the Artistic skills of the college students participating in the various artistic activities. Among the most prominent activities of the Committee "The theatrical activity", and The music activity through individuals playing musical instruments, and Fine Arts.
The Committee is characterized with a group of students that are able to gain high rankings in the university competitions and especially in Fine Arts.

  • Scientific and Cultural Committee

It works on organizing and implementing the Quran contests, poetry and literature competitions, articles and short stories competitions. It also helps innovators from the college students to develop their skills to innovate and implement their ideas and to use them in various competitions on the university level and competitions in general.

  • لجنة الأسر

It works on the registration of the أسر at the General Administration of Youth Welfare at the university, and the supervision of what the أسرة is doing of various activities (seminars- trips-magazines-galleries). And participates in the annual festival on the university level.

  • Secretary and accounting

she is responsible for receiving and saving incoming letters and extracting financial advances to practice different activities and saving notes and various financial documents.

  • Youth Care activity at the Faculty of Engineering includes participating in the following acts:
  • Iftar Dinner.
  • Social Research Competition.
  • The establishment of an Orphans Day celebration in the presence of 150 children from orphanages were they have a day of entertainment and gifts are distributed.
  • The establishment of an ideal female and ideal male students’ contest.
  • Holding seminars for the development of human skills.
  • The Qura’an competition
  • Organizing a competition in poetry and short stories.
  • organizing cultural events.
  • Publishing the student Union magazine (lines) with the release of a monthly magazine.
  • Information contest
  • Making wall magazines.
  • Competition in teaching aids in the areas of mechanics, electronics, computer, electrical circuits.
  • Issuance of a scientific publication.
  • A competition in scientific innovations.
  • A competition in computer programming (free programs - educational programs).
  • A training camp in the cities of Ismailia and Fayoum.
  • The establishment of a regular Rhot league in college.
  • Participating in camps (Luxor and Aswan, Leadership Development, Marsa Matrouh, Ras El Bar).
  • Organizing blood donation campaigns for the Ministry of Health and Eldemerdash Hospital and Al-Qasr Al-Aini.
  • Organizing a welcoming ceremony to New students.
  • Organizing trips to cities (Sharm el-Sheikh - Alexandria - Ras Sidr - Ain Sokhna - Dream Park - Al-Qnater El-Khairia - Fayed - Fayoum – Fatimid Cairo).
  • Printing study papers to the exams for all of the college grades and distributed for free.
  • The students Activity to distribute clothes and medicine that have been assembled for students.
  • Participating in the major competition for the theater.
  • The establishment of honoring graduates with awards ceremony.
  • GEY conference, which aims to the coordination between engineering and economics through workshops.
  • Activity (AYB), which works on the development of slums like Amr ibn al-Aas area.
  • MECA’s Academic activity, Pyrex, Alksilor which train students and develop the skills of the engineer and Provide opportunities for training and programming.
  • Industrial Development Activity, which works to provide training opportunities for students.
  • Bedaya’s activity that work on helping students in need.
  • Cord activity which serves to stimulate students' creativity.
  • Catalyst Activity organized by the students in the credit hours’ system, it aims to give students technical skills in engineering.