Unity objectives

  • A review of the graphics and design of concrete mixtures.
  • Testing the quality of the concrete hardened tuning.
  • Design and review of concrete structures.
  • Load tests on the ceilings and beams and concrete bridges.
  • The unit works with all design and engineering consultancy and supervision work on implementation and follow-up of public works and private facilities.
  • The unit do the load tests on bridges and quality control experiments and design of concrete mixtures.
  • The unit acts inspections and preparation of the validity of constructions reporting In this context, the unit with the rest of the special units such as the college cooperates unit studies and engineering consultancy cadastral, Unit Soil Mechanics Research and foundations, and unit test the properties of materials and quality control.

Unit Achievements

Consulting and studies

  • As loading tests of Saft ellabn pridge - Giza Governorate tests.
  • A load test roof of a villa in New Cairo.
  • Preparing a technical report on:
  • Structural integrity of a building at Abbasia district.
  • Load tests on Elgomherya pharmaceutical company store.
  • Group company facilities at Sinai Manganese company.
  • Review of a building belonging to Bisco Misr company.
  • Review of a residential building in Alexandria.
  • Experiments measuring vibrations in Office Building.
  • Make many concrete heart tests at several facilities.