Program #14: Mechatronics Engineering and Automation Program

Program Description

The Mechatronics and Automation program integrates multidisciplinary fields of science that includes a mechanical engineering, Electronics, computer Science and control Engineering to enhance the safety, performance, efficiency, and the ability of solving real life problems associated with mechanical systems, industrial automation, mechatronic in automotive applications, mechatronic in healthcare and biomedical devices, Nano/micro mechatronic systems.

Career Prospects

The graduate of the program is expected to get a job in one of the following positions:

  1. Automobiles Industry
  2. Robotics Industry
  3. Automation
  4. Oil Industry
  5. System design
  6. Embedded system
  7. Bionics system design
  8. Sales engineer for robotics and automation

Program Concentrations

The program provides four different fields in which the students in this program can specialize. These four fields are: Autotronics, Nano-Mechatronics, Industrial Mechatronics, and Bio-Mechatronics. Each concentration includes 5 compulsory courses.

  1. Autotronics: The concentration is to incorporate elements of mechanical, electrical, electronics, software and safety engineers as applied to the design, manufacture and operation of automobiles
  2. Nano-Mechatronics: the concentration is to how to integrate electrical and mechanical functionality on the nanoscale
  3. Industrial Mechatronics: the concentration of this area is to integrate control systems, electrical, electronic systems, computers and mechanical systems in automated manufacturing processes
  4. Bio-Mechatronics: the concentration aims to integrate parts of biological organisms, mechanical elements, and electronics for improving the quality life of humans. It also encompasses the field of robotics and neuroscience

Agreements with another University

The program is in partnership with the University of East London (UEL), United Kingdom for a Bachelor Dual Degree. Students joining this agreement will pay an additional fee, to substitute expenses for the external Quality Audits/Moderation Boards that will take place in Egypt. The Graduates should receive two B.Sc. certificates, one from the University of East London, and one from Ain Shams University. Students are allowed to study a full year or more in London with a 10% reduction in the UK tuition fees.

Program Competences

In addition to the competences for all Engineering Programs (A-Level), the Mechatronics Engineering and Automation Program graduate must be able to (D-Level):

  • Synthesize and integrate mechatronic subsystems to create custom solutions for different engineering problems while dealing with technical uncertainties.
  • Integrate a wide range of analytical tools, techniques, equipment, and software packages pertaining to the discipline.
  • Use computational facilities and techniques, measuring instruments, workshops and laboratory equipment.
  • Put the necessary specifications describing the different variants of mechatronic equipment such as Robotics, CNC machines, CAD/CAM systems, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, etc. for purpose of purchasing and contracting.
  • Write the necessary software for the equipment and the control of the mechatronic systems
  • Competence in the safe use and operation of hand tools and machine tools that are used during the implementation phases of mechatronic systems.
  • Distinguish the layout and the key parameters to the field of the concentration within the mechatronics and automation engineering as listed below.


Graduate attributes


7a. Create and/or re-design mechatronic components/systems in the fields of Automobiles


7b. Develop mechanical, electrical, electronic, programming and communication elements necessary for improving the quality life of humans


7c. Assess the characteristics and performance of mechatronic components, systems and fabrication processes for Nano scale systems

Industrial Mechatronics

7d. Design mechatronic components that can be used in the synthesis of industrial automation

Required Courses

In order to get a Bachelor of Science Degree in this program, and to satisfy the Program Competences, the following set of courses need to be completed.