Article (24): Student Evaluation

  • The marks of each course are distributed as percentages of the total mark, divided into Course Activities, Mid-Term Exam, Practical Exam, and Final Exam.
  • The student must attend at least 75% of all course contact hours to be allowed to attend the course final examination.
  • For the student to pass a course, the minimum mark that must be earned in the final exam is 30% of the total exam marks, otherwise the student will fail the course irrespective of the total marks he earned in the course and he will get an F grade in this course. This clause does not apply to the courses with no final exam.
  • The student fails the course if he obtains an F grade (less than 60% of the course marks) or was not allowed to attend the final examination because of exceeding the absence percentage or cheating … etc. or did not attend the final examination without submitting a prior excuse that is accepted by the Education and Student Affairs Committee and approved by the Council of the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Zero-Credit courses are marked as Pass or Fail. The student gets a grade but does not contribute to the cumulative GPA. To pass the course, the student should get at least 60% of the course total marks.