Article (19): Degree Awarding Requirements

  • To obtain the Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering, the student must successfully complete the required Credit Hours in one of the programs according to the requirements stipulated in Part D, with a GPA at graduation of at least 2.0.
  • The student must pass all zero-credit courses in his Program.
  • A graduation project is an essential part of all the programs requirements for graduation. The graduation project may be completed over two successive semesters, as per the program requirement, and the student will not graduate unless he fulfils the project pass requirements. The student must earn at least 130 Credit Hours to register for the graduation project. If the project is divided along two semesters, the student must register them in their order.
  • The student must perform Field Training for 12 weeks during his study duration.
  • The student can study a number of courses in another University which has a cooperation agreement with Ain Shams University regarding the transfer of Credits. This requires prior approval from the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University. The Credit Hours of these courses are included in the student's graduation requirements, provided that the total Credit Hours of these courses do not exceed 68 Credit Hours.