Article (8): Procedure to add/freeze Programs

  • Any Department at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University can propose a New Specialized Program within the Discipline of this department. More than one department can jointly propose new Inter-Disciplinary Program.
  • Any group of 3 faculty members including at least one Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University can also submit a proposal for a new program.
  • The Program proposal should be submitted including all program information as in these bylaws in addition to a feasibility study of the industry and society need for the graduates of the new program. The proposal should also include a review of the available resources inside Ain Shams University to run this program.
  • All proposals should be submitted to the Programs Administration Board which studies the proposal and submits a recommendation to the Faculty Council.
  • Once approved by the Faculty Council, it is forwarded to the Supreme Council of Universities through Ain Shams University and then added to these bylaws.
  • The Faculty Council can, based on the recommendation of the Programs Administration Board, freeze a Program temporarily or permanently if necessary.