Article (6): Education and Student Affairs Committee

The Education and Students Affairs Committee is responsible for studying all issues related to students, such as:

  1. Investigating individual students’ requests, and excuses for study periods or exams.
  2. Investigating individual students’ complaints.
  3. Investigating students’ admission cases and rules.
  4. Investigating students’ transfer requests from other universities.
  5. Approving students’ requests for inter-program transfers.
  6. Students’ affairs processes and procedures.
  7. Promoting students’ activities.
  8. Coordinating students’ Field Training.
  9. Any other related issues to students’ affairs.

All recommendations of the Education and Students’ Affairs Committee are presented to the Council of the Faculty of Engineering for final approval.

The issues related to students’ affairs are escalated to the University level in two tracks:

  1. Ain Shams University Education and Students’ Affairs Committee for students enrolled in the Specialized Programs.
  2. Ain Shams University Programs Board for students enrolled in the Inter-Disciplinary Programs.