Article (5): Program Steering Committee

The Program Steering Committee is assigned for one academic year by the Faculty Council after the recommendation of the Concerned Department for Specialized Programs or the Concerned Departments for the Inter-Disciplinary Programs.

The Program Steering Committee is responsible for:

  1. All administration aspects concerned with the program students.
  2. Following up the academic advising for the program students.
  3. Following the study plan for each student until completing the program requirements.
  4. Administration of the course equivalence for students transferred from other programs or from other faculties. The decision of the course equivalence is done by the concerned department teaching this course.
  5. Following the educational process in cooperation with the Continuous Improvement and Quality Assurance Unit inside the Faculty and reviewing the reports on the instructors.
  6. Planning course offering in the beginning of every semester.
  7. Holding collegial Meetings with representatives from the departments teaching courses for the program.