3-8 Internal combustion engine overhauling

Course Objectives

Delivering All needed knowledge and skills to achieve course output for 100% of attendees.


This course aims at providing the trainees with the technical skills to:

  1. Aware of basic Engines fundamentals.
  2. Aware of engine components.
  3. Can Read Workshop Manual.
  4. Able to use hand tools and test tools.
  5. Engine testing.
  6. Testing engine components and Inspecting and replacing.
  7. Replacing all components of engine.

Prior knowledge

Interested in mechanical career.


The course covers the following contents:

  • I.II. Basic mechanical for engine.>
  • III. Measurement tools & measurement tools.
  • VI. How to read Workshop Manual.
  • VII. Diagnosis and troubleshooting.


  • Three weeks (8 July to 28 july) – 30 hours
  • Daily (4 to 8 PM)

Number of trainees

  • 10 – 15


  • Dr. Ibrahim omran