3-7 Fault diagnoses and repairing the complicated automotive problems

Course Objectives

Delivering All needed knowledge and skills to achieve course output for 100% of attendees.


This course aims at providing the trainees with the technical skills to:

  1. Aware of basic DC electric fundamentals.
  2. Aware of Diode, Transistors, NTC, PTC and relays.
  3. Aware of Vehicle Alternator and starter motor.
  4. Can Read Wiring Diagram & workshop Manual.
  5. Able to use hand tools and multimeter.
  6. Replacing vehicle alternator & Starter Motor.
  7. Testing Batteries, Alternator & current leakage.
  8. Inspecting and replacing fuses and relays.
  9. Replacing all components of engine.

Prior knowledge

Interested in mechanical career.


The course covers the following contents:

  • I. Basic Electric.
  • II. Basic mechanical for engine.
  • III. Measurement tools & measurement tools.
  • VI. How to read Wiring Diagram Workshop Manual.
  • VII. Diagnosis and troubleshooting.


Three weeks (8 July to 28 july) – 30 hours

Daily (4 to 8 PM)

Number of trainees

10 – 15

Trainer: Dr. Ibrahim omran