3-5 Basic Engine Training

Course Objectives

Delivering Basic Engine knowledge and skills to achieve course output for 100% of attendees.


This course aims at providing the trainees with the technical skills to:

  1. Aware of different Engine classifications.
  2. Aware of Engine Cooling, lubrication, intake, exhaust, turbo charger, super charger, engine timing and reading workshop manual.
  3. Changing engine oil and filter.
  4. Using hand tools and special tools of engine.
  5. Getting tightening torques for workshop manual and recognize assembly and disassembly steps and conditions from workshop manual.
  6. Change alternator belt.
  7. Replacing sparkplugs and air filter.
  8. Changing Radiator and Engine Coolant.

Prior knowledge

Interested in automotive career.


The course covers the following contents:

  • I. Introduction to automotive & Engine classifications.
  • II. Engine Operation theories.
  • III. Lubrication & Cooling systems.
  • IV. Intake and exhaust systems.
  • V. Turbo charger & Super Charger.
  • VI. Engine Timing.
  • VII. Workshop Manual.


  • Two weeks (8 July to 20 July) – 30 hours
  • Daily (6 to 9 PM)


  • 2300 EGP

Number of trainees

  • 12 – 16


  • Eng. Ahmed Ali