2-3 Wind Power Generation


This course aims at providing the trainees with hands on experience on wind power generation systems.

Prior knowledge

The course trainees should have prior knowledge of electrical circuits, electric machines and programming basics.


The course covers the following contents:

  • Equipment Maintenance and Communication.
  • Instruction and training on wind turbine commissioning.
  • Debugging and training on pitch control programming.
  • Debugging and training on yaw control programming.
  • Analysis on electrical schematic diagram of wind turbine control system.
  • Training on line fault troubleshooting of wind turbine.
  • Instruction and training on grid-connected inverter system commissioning.
  • Instruction and training on energy storage system commissioning.


  • 30 hours


  • Sun – Tue– Thur [23-25-27/7/2023]


  • 2300 EGP

Number of trainees

  • 12 – 16