3-4 Maintenance of Mechanical System in Automobile Engine


This course aims to provide the trainees with the technical skills of assembling and disassembling the parts. Also, the trainee will be aware of the lifetime of all mechanical parts in engines. The trainee will know the different types of maintenance (predictive, preventive, corrective, …).

Prior knowledge

The course trainees should have prior knowledge of engine operation. 


The course covers the following contents:

  • Get the knowledge of the required maintenance of every mechanical part in engine.
  • Find out the installation position of various components of the engine systems.
  • Detect and diagnose engine system by using detection and diagnosis equipment.
  • Change the engine system components through referring to the maintenance manual.
  • Process the ability of querying information and using maintenance manual.
  • Obtain the work style of operating normally and environmental protection awareness.


  • Two weeks – 30 hours
  • (Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday)


  • 2300 EGP

Number of traineesb

  • 12 – 16


  • Eng. Mostafa Elhofy 

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