Program Management

The program committee consists of all the professors and assistant professors who are designing the program itself, and the members of the faculty who design the new courses for this program are added to them (provided that they are members of the program). They are headed by one of the oldest three members The program design team itself, with the program chair changing every three years.

  1. Composition of the Board: The Board of Directors of the program consists of professors and assistant professor in addition to a number of experts as follows:
  • Representative of the Department of Electrical Power and Machinery Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University.
  • A representative from the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University.
  • Representative of Mechanical Power Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University.
  • The oldest members shall be the Board's decision and shall be added from outside the faculty as associate experts (without voice) representatives of two companies in the field of electrical and mechanical forces of companies operating and registered in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  1. Functions of the Council: The Council shall perform the tasks of the Scientific Department Council to follow up the program and approve the decisions of the program coordinators, in addition to the consideration of the conditions and procedures for admissions and registration in the program and scientific holidays for obtaining the degree and the selection of students. It also follows students scientifically and academically, recording courses and conducting exams and evaluation work. It also reviews equations and checks. It also monitors students' requests and requests from the students to follow up the conversion from registration to registration, holding discussions and seminars and submitting the matter to the College for accreditation. The Board of Directors of the Program shall be held periodically at its first session. Additional work may be undertaken by the Committee, if necessary.
  2. Academic Guidance: The Board of Directors shall appoint one or more academic counselors for the students at the beginning of the study (a guide for every 15-20 students) to continue until the end of the study, after the enrollment, where they follow the students and guide them academically and help them solve their study problems, Enrollment to registration. The academic advisor raises the students' problems to the board of directors for discussion. The academic advisor guides the graduate students of the various research tracks within the program for their individual experiences, skills and interests through individual meetings between the students and the members of the committee, while directing them to study their courses from both inside and outside the college to complete eligibility requirements and admission requirements.