Program is to prepare graduates who are able to

  1. Development of practical capacities, applied knowledge, and the ability to research, develop and work in various energy fields, which are integrated with the theme of new and renewable energy engineering.
  2. Graduating engineers with a high degree of scientific knowledge in the field and technologies of new and renewable energy engineering to participate in the state plan in the different directions of the energy industry in Egypt.
  3. To promote the use of modern techniques and methods in the form of a number of advanced academic courses and to carry out a systematic research in the form of a scientific and technical report.
  4. Developing the laboratory experience of students in the field of specialization.
  5. Training graduates to solve problems need new levels of study and that need to know from several sections, that is, there is no graduate from the bachelor's degree received an appropriate amount of information in this speciality to conduct research in it.
  6. Communicate with the experiences of the partners of the research project that creates the degree through scientific visits for two weeks for outstanding students.