The Department of Public Works is one of the oldest departments in the Faculty of Engineering-Ain Shams University, and indeed is one of the oldest in this specialty in Egyptian universities.

The Vision:

Our vision is to be one of the best scientific departments to be acclaimed leadership regionally and internationally in civil engineering education and research through unique academic programs that meet the needs of the community and contribute to sustainable development disciplines.

The Mission:

The mission of the department is to produce comprehensively prepared and innovative graduates who are able to interact with the challenges created by the global economy in different civil engineering disciplines. These disciplines are established to cover the requirements of the society in terms of governmental authorities and public and private sectors. The department offers programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels as well as continuing education programs that help participants to acquire updated knowledge and thus contribute to our community's development. It also provides research and consultancy in different engineering fields to serve the requirements of all sectors of society.


The main objective of the department is to carry out teaching and research in the fields of planning, design, and construction of infrastructure projects. On top of these fields comes surveying engineering, which represents the base of any engineering project. Surveying Engineering covers a wide range of surveying topics, including plane surveying, topographic surveying, geodetic surveying, photogrammetry, maps projections, hydrographic surveying, engineering astronomy, remote sensing, and geographic information systems. The second major branch of the department is the sanitary environment branch. The branch is concerned in teaching and research works in the fields of potable water and sewage water treatment plants and networks, in addition to solid waste disposal and treatment, industrial waste treatment, and other environmental studies. The third major branch of the department is the transportation engineering. This branch is concerned in teaching and conducting research works in the fields of transportation and traffic planning and highway and railway engineering. These fields deal with the movements of passengers and goods and the future planning of transportation facilities to cope with expected demands. In addition, they also include the study and design of different transportation networks: road, railway, water, air, and pipelines.

Scientific Degrees:

The Department offers a number of degrees, including:

  • Sc. in Civil Engineering, Specialized in Public work Public.
  • Professional Diploma in Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering.
  • Professional Diploma in Environmental Engineering.
  • Professional Diploma in sewage.
  • Professional Diploma in Solid waste.
  • Professional Diploma in Industrial waste.
  • Professional Diploma in Operate and Maintain stations.
  • Professional Diploma in the Environmental Assessment.
  • Professional Diploma in the Engineering Surveying.
  • Professional Diploma in Digital Maps and Geographic Information Systems.
  • Professional Diploma in Geodetic Surveying.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Sanitary Engineering.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Engineering.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Solid waste Engineering.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in in Industrial waste Engineering.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in in Engineering Surveying.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Maps and Geographic Information Systems.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Geodetic Surveying.
  • Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering (Master of Engineering -Master in Science of Engineering).
  • Engineering Surveying (Master of Engineering -Master in Science of Engineering).
  • Sanitary Engineering (Master of Engineering -Master in Science of Engineering).
  • Environmental Engineering (Master of Engineering -Master in Science of Engineering).
  • Highway and Traffic Engineering (Master of Engineering -Master in Science of Engineering).
  • Railway Engineering (Master of Engineering -Master in Science of Engineering).
  • Ph.D. in civil engineering – Public Works.

Jobs Opportunities:

  • Graduates of this department has a variety of opportunities to work, for example:  Consultancy offices and contracting companies working in the areas of: Building -Surveying - Water and Sewage networks - the construction of roads and railways - transportation planning and traffic engineering.
  • Ministry of Housing, utilities, urban communities.
  • Ministry of transport, and Ministry of Environment.
  • The field of environmental safety.


  • SURVEYING LABS: The department has a number of the latest and advanced labs for surveying and measuring instruments supported by the computing, plotting, and digitizing facilities. The surveying labs serve the unit for surveying engineering studies and consultations, which is one of the units of the Faculty of Engineering Consultancy Center.
  • SANITARY ENGINEERING LABORATORY: The lab contains all the latest equipment in the fields of water analysis and the measurement of the chemical components for different types of water and liquids to achieve the best treatment and to save the health of man and environment. The lab serves a sanitary engineering consulting unit that conducts studies concerned with sewerage, water, the treatment of industrial waste, and the preservation of the environment.
  • HIGHWAY ENGINEERING LAB: The lab is equipped with the latest and most modern testing facilities to perform experiments for pavement materials. The lab plays a major role in conducting experiments for the quality control of pavement materials and highway construction. This lab serves the highway engineering consultation unit that plays a major role in serving society and road construction companies.
  • TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING AND TRAFFIC LAB: The lab is equipped with a number of instruments for traffic survey and classification. Video cameras, colored TV, and video recorders for recording different traffic conditions at road intersections are also available. The lab is equipped with computers and supporting software specialized in transportation planning and traffic analysis. The lab supports the special transportation planning and traffic unit that has a wide range of experiences in solving transportation and traffic problems.

Heads of Departments:

  • Dr. Ahmed Ebaid (October 1954- September 1956)
  • Dr. Mahmoud TalatAnies (September 1956 -October 1956)
  • Dr. HasanHasanMostfa (October 1956- September 1968)
  • Dr. AhmedMostafa Abdelwarith (October 1968- September 1974)
  • Dr. Mohamed Kamal Radwan (October 1974- October 1977)
  • Dr. Mohamed Zaky Ali Zaky (December 1977- February 1982)
  • Dr. Mohamed Salah EldinElhawary (March 1982- March 1988)
  • Dr. Mohamed FayekHoweedy (March 1988- March 1994)
  • Dr. Abdel HadySayed Abdel Aal (March 1994- March 1997)
  • Dr. Hamdy Ibrahim Ali Ahmed (March 1997- July 1998)
  • Dr. EisaAbdallahSarhan (August 1998- July2004)
  • Dr. Maerouf Ahmed Deef Allah (August 2004- July 2009)
  • Dr. Ali Zain ElabdeenHeikal (August 2009- July 2011)
  • Dr. MostafaSabryAlySabry (July 2011- March 2012)
  • Dr. Ali Zain ElabdeenHeikal (March 2012- August 2014)
  • Prof. Dr. Mohamed ElHosseinyElnadi (August 2014- Till present)