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This course aims at providing the trainees with the technical skills of:

  1. Understanding the structure, components, and working principles of CNC machines.
  2. Knowing the hardware wiring and connections of various parts and components of the system.
  3. Operating CNC machines.
  4. Providing extensive hands-on exercises.
  5. Prior knowledge
  6. None
  7. Contents

The course covers the following contents:

  • Basic CNC machine configurations, CNC hardware components.
  • CNC screens, their purpose, and basic screen navigation.
  • Memory backup and restoration/recovery.
  • CNC motors, sensors, servo, and spindle system hardware.
  • Details of system hardware and connections.
  • Basics of electrical circuits components and wiring diagrams, knowing electric systems of CNC milling and lathe, connecting the electric system of CNC machines.
  • Measuring the electric system of CNC machines.
  • Introduction to G-code, part program structure.


  • Two weeks – 30 hours


  • 2300 EGP

Number of trainees

  • 12 – 16 

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