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Osama Elsaeed Mansour
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Associate Professor
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Architecture Engineering
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Dr. Osama Mansour is a registered Architect and Architectural Engineering Consultant in Egypt, LEED Accredited Professional at the US. Green Building Council, and a Member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada MRAIC. Dr. Mansour has received a PhD in Environmental Design from University of Calgary, Canada, and a PhD in Architectural Engineering from Ain-Shams University. Also, he spent two years as a visiting Scholar at the University of Arizona in Tucson USA, and attended professional development courses at the University of Arizona, University of Wisconsin Madison, and University of Calgary. Dr. Mansour has been teaching and researching in the areas of Architecture, Building Construction, Sustainable Design, and Design Management since 1997. His focus is on Post Occupancy Evaluation of high performance buildings. Current research is on the alignment of laypeople's perceptions and spatial experiences with building performance in the contexts of sustainability and design. He lectured architectural design and sustainability in Egypt, United States, and Canada. He taught architectural programming, architectural design studio, sustainable building design studio, building construction, building science and technology, indoor air quality, building envelope design, and methods for architectural design research. Beside his academic work, Dr. Mansour kept a consistent professional practice as he designed and managed several residential, commercial, and hospitality projects in the past two decades.

PhD Degree in Environmental Design
University of Calgary, Canada

PhD Degree in Architectural Engineering
Ain-Shams University, Egypt

Master’s Degree in Architecture
Ain-Shams University, Egypt

Bachelor Degree in Architectural Engineering (first class honor)
Ain-Shams University, Egypt

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1. Mansour, O. E. (2016). Enhancing Green Building Performance: A Human Experiential Approach. Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN: 3659906107

Published Research:
Refereed Journal Publications

1. Al-Zu’bi, M. & Mansour, O. E. (2017). Water, energy, and rooftops: Integrating green roof systems into building policies in the arab region. Environment and Natural Resources Research, 7(2). doi: https://doi.org/10.5539/enrr.v7n2p11
2. Mansour, O. E., & Radford, S. K. (2016). Rethinking the environmental and experiential categories of sustainable building design, a conjoint analysis. Building and Environment, 98, 47-54. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.buildenv.2015.12.014
3. Mansour, O. E. (2014). On the aesthetics of sustainable buildings in hot arid climate, the case of two LEED buildings in Cairo, Egypt and Las Vegas, US. KSU Journal of Architecture & Planning, Special Issue on Sustainability on Hot Arid Regions 26(2), 15-26.
Published Research in Confernces:
Conference Publications

1. Mansour, O. E. & Radford, Scott K. (2014). Green building perception matrix, a theoritical framework. Proceedings of the 6th Annual Symposium of Architectural Research, Oulu, Finland.
2. Mansour, O. E. (2014). Reflections on the image of green buildings: An ethnographic evaluation of a “LEED” certified elementary school. Proceedings of the 6th Annual Symposium of Architectural Research, Oulu, Finland.
3. Mansour, O. E. (2014). Indoor air quality, an enviro-cultural perspective. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Harmonisation between Architecture and Nature, Siena, Italy.
4. Ashor, M & Mansour, O. E. (2004). Urban Form and Values of People: the case of some new urban communities in Egypt. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference of Architecture and culture, Cairo, Egypt.

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