Abdelrahman Aly Hassan Anis

Teacher Assistant at Electronics Engineering and Electrical Communications

Career Information

Teacher Assistant at : 2019-01-13
Demonstrator at : 2014-06-15

Academic Information

Graduation : 2013 From Faculty of Engineering , Ain Shams University


Abdelrahman A. Anis, IEEE Graduate Student Member, received his B.Sc. with the highest honors in communication systems engineering from Ain Shams University in 2013. From Fall 2013, he joined the communications and signal processing research lab (CSPRL), where he is preparing his master’s thesis on Massive MIMO Systems.

He received the Egyptian Government Excellence Award in 2013 for being ranked first among all engineering programs, B.S.E.E. valedictorian, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University. He served as a voluntary member of various student activities aiming to ameliorate student technical and soft skills. He served on the Organization Committee for the National Radio Science conference, sponsored by IEEE, in 2014.

From Spring 2014 to Spring 2018, He held a position of teaching assistant at Ain Shams University, Department of Electronics and Communication Systems Engineering, where he was responsible for teaching undergraduate tutorials and labs, assisting in undergraduate graduation projects, and developing undergraduate lab experiments.

From Fall 2018, he is on Ph.D. leave from Ain Shams University. He is currently a Ph.D. student in the School of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering, at Arizona State University (ASU), with a specialization in signal processing systems and communications. He is pursuing his Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Ahmed Alkhateeb. His research interests include massive MIMO systems and signal processing for wireless communications.


Full-Tuition Research Assistantship, 2018-present, Ph.D., Arizona State University.

Full-Tuition Graduate Fellowship, 2014-2018, M.Sc., Ain Shams University.

Egyptian Government Excellence Award, 2013, Ministry of Higher Education, B.S.E.E. valedictorian, ranked first out of 300+ students in all CHEP programs, graduates’ 2013, Ain Shams University.

Dean’s List Honor, 2013, B.S.E.E. Highest GPA Honors, one of the top five student GPAs out of 1500+ students in all CHEP Programs for six consecutive years, graduates' 2012-2017, Ain Shams University.

Distinction with Honor Degree, 2013, B.S.E.E., ranked first out of 87 students in COMM class, Five years distinction, Ain Shams University.

Half-Tuition Undergraduate Scholarship, 2010-2013, B.S.E.E., for retaining a cumulative GPA greater than 3.9/4.0 for six consecutive semesters, Ain Shams University.


Journal publications:
[J1] Abdelrahman Taha, Muhammad Alrabeiah, and Ahmed Alkhateeb, "Enabling Large Intelligent Surfaces with Compressive Sensing and Deep Learning," IEEE Access, 2021.

Conference publications:
[C3] Abdelrahman Taha, Yu Zhang, Faris Mismar, and Ahmed Alkhateeb, "Deep Reinforcement Learning for Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces: Towards Standalone Operation," in Proc. of SPAWC, 2020.

[C2] Abdelrahman Taha, Muhammad Alrabeiah, and Ahmed Alkhateeb, "Deep Learning for Large Intelligent Surfaces in Millimeter Wave and Massive MIMO Systems," in Proc. of GLOBECOM, 2019.

[C1] Abdelrahman A. H. Anis, Bassant Abdelhamid, and Salwa Elramly, "Low Overhead Weighted-Graph-Coloring-Based Two-Layer Precoding for FDD Massive MIMO Systems," in Proc. of ICCCNT, 2018.

Research Projects

Graduate Research Associate [Fall'18 - current]
Wireless Intelligence (WI) Laboratory
Arizona State University
PI: Prof. Ahmed Alkhateeb

Graduate Research Assistant [Spring'16-Spring'18]
Communications and Signal Processing Research Lab (CSPRL)
Advisors: Prof. Salwa Elramly and Prof. Bassant Abdelhamid.
M.Sc. Thesis: "Multi-layer Precoding for FDD Massive MIMO Systems"

Undergraduate Research Assistant [Summer'12]
Institute for Electronics, Signal Processing, and Communication
Advisors: Prof. Abbas Omar and Dr. Abdo Gaber
Research Topic: "Channel and Phase Noise Estimation for OFDM Systems using USRP2 Module"