Request Main Stream Student Account
  • 1. You can visit the following link to activate your email or reset your password. You will need to know your student code and national ID:
  • 2. Please visit this link to see a tutorial how to reset the password. This Tutorial is developed by the Student Union.
  • 3. You will need your student code your National ID to reset your password.
  • 4. Your email address is (The student code is not your Bench Number) You will then be directed to Microsoft website to create your new password. You will need to login once with your National ID as a password.
  • 5. You will then be requested to create a new password once you log in. You can now come back to the Faculty website and login with your new password.
  • 6. Otherwise, you can visit Miss Eman Adel at the student affairs office to be able to help you.
Request New Programs Student Account
  • 1. Go to your SIS account and request your official e-mail/password from “My Official E-Mail” menu and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • 2. For any other inquiries or problems, send an email to
Request Post Graduate Student Account
  • Send an email to