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The Introduction

The continuous improvement is considered one of the most important routes for institutions advancement.  This represents a roadmap for the training center at the faculty of engineering, Ain Shams University to achieve its future ambitions.   It is considered one of the most important pillars of the academic and administrative development process through organizing and providing various training activities, forums, discussion panels, workshops that are concerned with the development of the teaching and research process for the faculty, in addition to the qualification and development of the administrative body at the college and the University.

The center is also working on building bridges of communication with all local and regional services and production sectors to meet their training needs by providing all appropriate and developed general, specialized, practical and field training activities in the fields of engineering, technology, research and education, as well as administrative and behavioral skills.

The center focuses on providing its distinguished services based on its sustainable competitive advantage represented by distinguished internal and external scientific cadres, and updated laboratories in all different fields of engineering. The center is also interested in academic and administrative leaders to improve their performance by providing their own training programs.

The Message

"We are the training center at the faculty of engineering-Ain Shams University offering a distinguished model of various training courses at competitive prices, according to the latest international standards to enable our clients to exploit the maximum of their capabilities that make them eligible to compete locally and regionally. This is based on our sustainable competitive advantage of distinguished and specialized cadres, updated and automated laboratories, cooperation with the most prestigious universities, academies, scientific research and studies, and all industrial and service sectors inside and outside the country.  This enables us to supply the labor market with qualified professional cadres."

The Vision

"The center should become a distinguished leader locally and regionally in the development of leadership, technical and administrative cadres."

The Values

  • Justice: dealing fairly with everyone and respecting the value, dignity and legitimate freedom of the individual
  • Transparency: dealing clearly with clients and staff in all training and development operations
  • Integrity: full commitment to professional ethics and Ethics in a framework of trust, honesty and sincerity
  • Belonging: a sense of responsibility and loyalty to the university, society, and Homeland.
  • Cooperation: teamwork among center staff in all its operations, as well as with clients
  • Creativity: absorbing, encouraging, and sponsoring innovative ideas and solutions in the fields of education, training, learning and scientific research
  • Professionalism: the ability to demonstrate knowledge, skill, and competence in the specialty

The Differentiators:

What distinguishes us? /Our competitive advantages

  1. The center is affiliated with the faculty of engineering, Ain Shams University, and therefore it is subject to the quality standards of education and academic training.
  2. Equipped training halls and laboratories that suit the objectives of establishing the center in a high-end training environment.
  3. Qualified and experienced technical staff in the fields and activities of the training center
  4. suitable location

Division of training programs at the center

The center has established specialized training units that are distinct from many existing training institutions, in terms of training methodology and selection of training programs that meet the aspirations and desires of young people, and the needs of production and service institutions in the labor market and the private sector.

  • Technical Programs Unit:

This unit is one of the units that the labor market needs a lot, and this unit has been established and equipped with the latest means and halls for technical training to qualify technical cadres with modern and applied skills and Sciences in various technical fields, and one of the activities of this unit:

  1. Air conditioning and refrigeration
  2. Lubrication technology
  3. Hydraulic systems
  4. Pressure vessels ;
  5. Ventilation technology
  6. Fired heaters
  7. Air coolers and cooling towers
  8. Applied combustion technology
  9. Technology-technology advanced corrosion technology
  10. Water and wastewater treatment technology
  11. Cathodic protection engineering
  12. Systems sampling systems and analytical tools
  13. Electric power generation
  14. Troubleshooting of electrical power systems
  15. Motors electric motors
  16. Networks telephone networks
  17. Sw. swithgers
  18. Electric power distribution systems
  19. Fiber optic connections
  20. Electrical and electronic tools
  21. Standards international electrical energy standards and energy efficiency systems
  22. Basic PLC programming course
  23. Maintenance of PLC systems
  24. Testing, maintenance and operation of power transformers
  25. Supervising the implementation of bridge projects
  26. Diagnose reinforced concrete defects and judge the integrity of structures
  27. Computer design of the concrete structure
  28. Prestressed concrete technology
  29. Concrete quality control
  30. Computer application in architecture: visualization architecture (Photoshop)
  31. Computer application in architecture: architecture visualization (3 Ds Max)
  32. Computer application in architecture: BIM
  33. Design interior design
  34. Design environmental design and sustainable architecture
  35. Project management and value engineering and their role in the success of the project.
  36. Fundamentals of project management basics
  37. Contract management (FIDIC)
  38. Project risk management management
  39. Managing the implementation of the project implementation phase
  40. Stages stages of execution of finishes of ordinary architectural works
  41. Smart management software for the operation and maintenance of buildings
  42. Industrial safety and security
  43. Intelligent maintenance management systems
  44. Engineering value engineering
  45. Supply chain management
  46. Management-management inventory management-basic
  47. Management-management inventory management-advanced
  48. Management material management
  49. Enterprise Risk Management
  • computer programs and Information Technology Unit:

This unit is specialized in preparing and implementing modern and advanced programs in the field of information and computer technology through the accreditation of the Center for training and granting licenses and exams for some international certificates.
The target group of the programs of this unit:

  • Students and graduates of the faculties of Information Technology, Networks and communications.
  • Employees in government and private entities in the fields of technology and Information Systems.
  • Those wishing to qualify and search for a job opportunity in the fields of Information Technology.

The most important training programs in this unit:

  1. L International Computer driving license
  2. University computer driving license
  3. Cambridge Diploma of computer technology skills
  4. A a+
  5. Network network+
  6. Mc-MX
  7. Cisco Networks (Cisco, CNB)
  8. Oracle basics
  9. Advanced programming skills at Oracle
  10. Security of Information Systems
  11. Basics of computer network design
  12. Using computers to design websites on the internet
  • Human Development Programs Unit:

This unit is specialized in development programs, self-development, and areas of human development
The target group of the programs of this unit:

  • Employees, students and graduates of colleges in all specialties.
  • Those who want to develop, and those who aspire for a better future.

The most important training programs in this unit:

  1. Dealing with others
  2. Time management management
  3. Fundamentals of Planning Basics
  4. Skills-skills communication skills-basic
  5. Skills-skills communication skills-advanced
  6. Presentation skills
  7. Negotiation skills
  8. Build highly effective teams
  9. Writing administrative and technical reports
  10. Overcoming stress in the workplace
  11. Skills-skills supervisory skills-basic
  12. Skills-skills supervisory skills-advanced
  13. Problem solving and decision making team
  14. Simplification of work in the workplace
  15. Processes ()) Business Process Reengineering
  16. Rebuilding Arab institutions
  17. Change change management and strategies
  18. Strategic transformations, change management paradigm transformation and change management
  19. Planning and control of production
  20. Training training of trainers
  21. Planning-planning strategic planning-basic
  22. Planning-planning strategic planning-advanced
  23. Management change management and innovative thinking
  24. Innovation innovation in the workplace
  25. Human Resources Management
  26. Search for organizations in search of excellence
  27. Benchmarking and effectiveness of training
  28. Results-based leadership