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Ayman Ahmed Farid Gamal Eldin Hamza
Academic Rank:
Assistant Professor
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Architecture Engineering
Graduation Year:

*ِA member of the team Responsible for the criticism and development of the urban fabric of the faculty of engineering,Ainshams university.
*The coordinator of 2020 faculty of engineering,Ainshams university renovation project.

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Published Research:

Published Research in Confernces:
1-Bridging the gap between sustainable architecture design principles and elements defining art of sustainability The 7th International Conference of SuDBE2015, Reading, UK; 27-29 July, 2015
2-''BEAUTY OF WHOLENESS AND BEAUTY OF PARTIALITY.''NEW TERMS defining the concept of beauty in architecture in terms of sustainability and computer aided design
International Conference onSustainability, Technology and Education 2014,
held in New Taipei City, Taiwan, 10 – 12 December, 2014
organized by International Association for Development of the Information Society
3-"The Art of Sustainability"Dialectic Relation between Sustainable Performance and Performance of Sustainability
The International Conference of SuDBE2013, Chongqing, China October 25-28, 2013

Educational and Research Projects:
Not Available
Consulting and Engineering Projects:

Supervised Thesis:

"An article published in the Egyptian Arts journal of the Ministry of Culture on the Cairo 2050 development for the ministries area".