Faculty of Engineering - ASU
Full Name:
Mohamed Alaa Eldin ElHakim
Academic Rank:
Emeritus Professor
ASU Email:
Design and Production Engineering
Graduation Year:

Prod.&tool design Engineer, Military Factories 1962- 1970
Scientific Consultant :
Military Factories 1974-1977
Academy of Scientific Research 1977

Ph D. Ain Shams Univ, (Prod. Engineering),1970
Dr.Sc.Techn. T.H.O.v.Guericke, Germany 1972
Not Available
Translation from German:
Gewinde Fertigung (Arabic) Al Ahram Transl. Center 1979
Geschichte der Technik Al Ahram Transl. Center 1981
Published Research:
80 research papers in national & international Periodicals & Conferences
Published Research in Confernces:
MTDR Conf. Birmingham 1971
IMEKO Conf. London 1976
20 th Century ASME Congress San Francisco 1980
Int.Congresses on Statistics & Comp. Science Cairo, 1976 - 1983
IVAC Conf. Geneva 1985
PEDD Cairo conf.1985 - 1987
Educational and Research Projects:
Seminars on:
Surf quality, m/cg economy, Soc, Mech. engineers.1981.
CNC m/c tools & CAD/CAM at Inst.of Aviation Technology.1985-1987.
Consulting and Engineering Projects:
Installation of Prototype Workshop, Ain Shams Univ.1987
Prep. of Egyptian Codes of Practice, Soc. of Mech. Engineers 1982-1983
Supervised Thesis:
Ph. D. Theses:
M.A.Mahdy 1982, A.M El Awwam 1983, M.Mahran 1987. A. Helal 1987, M.Abdelsalam 1987, A.H. El Bahrawy 1988, Hassan Ahmed Hassan 1990,
Ahmed S.Shaban Hegazy 1991, Ahmed M. Ali 2003, M.A. Shalaby 2011
+ 20 M.Sc. Theses
Not Available