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Merham Mohamed Hosny Anwar Kalag
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Teacher Assistant
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Urban Design and Planning
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Merham has studied architecture at Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, where she gained her BSc in 2011 with distinction. She was appointed as a teaching assistant at Urban Planning and Design Department, Ain Shams University. And since June 2012 she has been working as a research assistant where she took part in writing several research proposals, conducting desktop researches, assisting in writing scientific papers, as well as organizing workshops. She was a team member of the organization committee of the Eco Cities World Summit 2015, Abu Dhabi. Merham has publications in international conferences mainly focusing on the relation between the urban settings and people’s perceptions and engagement. Meanwhile she has gained her Master’s Degree entitled ‘Accessibility as a main factor for the livability of public spaces – Cairo Districts as a case study’. Merham is now a PhD fellow at Oxford Brookes University studying Green Infrastructure and the relevant methods for participatory implementation in Greater Cairo Region, mainly focusing on Place making as a promising approach for communities’ enabling and regaining the neighborhoods’ local images.

October 2015 - MSC. Urban Design and Planning. Thesis entitled ‘Accessibility as a main factor for the livability of public spaces – Cairo Districts as a case study’ - Urban Planning and Design Department. Faculty of Engineering – Ain Shams University. Cairo, Egypt.

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Published Research in Confernces:
• 2017 – ‘Towards an integrated model of livability of public spaces in middle income neighborhoods’ Keleg, M, Abdellatif, M, and Salheen, M, published in the proceedings of the 1st international conference: Towards a better quality of life November 24-26
• 2015 – ‘LIVABLE PUBLIC SPACES AS A MEANS FOR LIVABLE CITIES’ Keleg, M, Salheen, M, and Abdellatif, M, published in the proceedings of the 11th Eco city World Summit. Abu Dhabi, UAE October 11-13
Link to the proceedings: http://www.ecocityworldsummit.com/download/Conference-Proceedings_ECWS15_20151007-(2).pdf

• 2015 - ‘Understanding people’s needs for vivid public realm as a key towards enhancing modern Arab cities’ identity.’ Keleg, M, Salheen, M, and Abdellatif, M, published in the proceedings of The first International Conference on the Transformation of the Urban Character of Arab Cities since the late last century - organized and co-hosted by Birmingham City University and the German Jordanian University , 22- 24 April, Jordan
Link to the proceedings: http://www.bcu.ac.uk/research/news-events/events/transformation-arab-cities

• 2014 - ‘What to take and what to leave? Balancing between experimentation and responsibility in Live Projects’ Salheen, M, Abdellatif, M, and Keleg, M, published in AAE Conference Proceedings - LIVING AND LEARNING 3-5 September, University of Sheffield, UK
Link to the proceedings: https://architecturaleducators.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/salheen-abdellatif-and-keleg-2014-what-to-take-and-what-to-leave-balancing-between-experimentation-and-responsibility-in-live-projects.pdf

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