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Aya Mossad Ali Elwageeh
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Teacher Assistant
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Urban Design and Planning
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Aya El-Wageeh (1989) graduated from Ain Shams University department of Urban Planning and Design in 2011. Afterwards, Aya worked as a demonstrator at the same university. In 2014, she obtained her MSc. in Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design (IUSD) from Stuttgart University in Germany and Ain Shams University in Egypt with special focus on urban development in remote areas. Since then, Aya has been working again at the Urban Planning and Design department in Ain Shams University and joined the IUSD- Cairo team as a teaching assistant and researcher. Her research mainly focuses on topics such as: Introducing technologies in remote areas, Neighborhood development and Community based urban development.

- B.Sc in Urban Planning and Design, Ain Shams University, Egypt
- M.Sc. in Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design, Ain Shams University, Egypt
- M.Sc. in Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design, Stuttgart University, Germany
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Published Research:
- El-wagieh, A., 2014. Landscape Aesthetics and Solar Farms in the Western Desert of Egypt: The Visual Public Preference in "Qarat Um Elsaghir" Village, Available at: http://issuu.com/iusd.cairo/docs/20141118_iusd_journal_2014_final_fo.
Published Research in Confernces:
- El-Wagieh, A.& et al., 2015. Contextualizing Eco-neighborhoods Aspects within Siwa Oasis. In Ecocity World Summit 2015 Proceedings Ecocity World Summit 2015 Proceedings.

- El-wagieh, A., Abdel-latif, M.M. & Salheen, M., 2015. Challenges of Integrating Solar Energy Systems in Remote Areas of Egypt: Lessons learnt from the case of Qarat Um Elsaghir Village. In M. Jaskolski, P. Otter, & H. Aulich, eds. Proceedings of the First In International Conference on Solar Energy Solutions for Electricity and Water Supply in Rural Areas. Cairo-Egypt: The American University in Cairo.
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