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Amr Abdalla Abdelaziz Attia
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Urban Design and Planning
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Dr. Amr Attia is a highly competent business leader who has extensive project leadership, contractual, commercial, and technical skills that traverse the full gamut of urban development planning including national programs, city management, real estate development, housing, environment, sustainability, infrastructure, ports and tourism development.

Amr is an expert urban and regional planning with over 25 years of experience and has led multi-billion dollar projects. He has led master planning teams for large infrastructure and planning projects including the Regional development of the North Coast of Egypt and New Najaf City with PUD and JSDP and JECPI in KSA with AECOM.

Amr has been a Professor of urban planning at Ain Shams University since 1991 and the executive chairman of PUD (Planning and Urban Development) Consultants, which has successfully completed several signature planning & urban design signature projects in the Middle East since its establishment in 1966.

Amr was member of the Technical Committee for the Grand Egyptian Museum and was involved in organizing and managing the International Architecture Competition of the museum which was sponsored by UNESCO & under the patronage of the UIA.

Amr was the Managing Director of the Consultancy Unit for Planning & Urban Design (CUPUD) of Ain Shams University, actively involved in the preparation of strategic plans for Egypt’s urban and rural settlements. He was the authorized representative of Ain Shams University in the implementation of the “National Programme for the Development of Rural Strategic Plans, which is a research oriented project sponsored by the General Organization for Physical Planning with technical cooperation from UN HABITAT in over 400 Egyptian villages.

Amr was selected as an Eisenhower Fellow in the Common Interest Program on the Challenges of Urbanization in which he visited more than 25 cities in the United States of America and attended extensive workshops and seminars with several decision makers, city managers, academics, developers and consultants. Amr has been an active participant in the Aspen Institute, USA in the leadership seminar and later in the seminar and white paper on Propositions for the Future of Art Museums.

Amr is the co-founder of the K2C (Kansas to Cairo) project which is an on-line studio of architectural collaboration in the Virtual Worlds between Ain Shams University and University of Southern California.

Ph.D. in Planning, University College London, 1999
M.Sc. in Economics, University College London, 1994
B.Sc. in Arch. & Urban Design, Ain Shams University, 1991
Assistant Professor, Ain Shams University, 1999
Associate Professor, Ain Shams University, 2005
Professor, Ain Shams University, 2016
الجائزة الثانية (بعد حجب الاولي) عن تخطيط المنطقة المقابلة للحديقة الدولية بمدخل مدينة الاسكندرية
• الجائزة الأولى عن تخطيط وتصميم مشروع المنتجـع السياحى والفندقي والترفيهي بسمـلا وعلم الروم مارينا مطروح (1200 فدان)
• الجائزة الأولى عن تصميـم المجمــع السياحي والفندقـي والتجــاري بمدينة الغردقـة ملك شركة مصر للاستثمار السياحي
• الجائزة الأولى عن تخطيط وتصميم المركز السياحى (سماتور) على خليج السويس السخنة (1500 فدان ) ( ملك الشركة السعودية المصرية للاستثمار والتنمية)
• الجائزة الأولى عن تخطيط مدينة رفح - قطاع غزة – فلسطين
• الجائزة الأولى عن تخطيط مشروع دار السلام (ملك الشركة السعودية المصرية للاستثمار والتنمية)
• الجائزة الأولى عن تخطيط المرحلة الثانية لمدينة الخمائل

Attia, A., Mansour, Y, Shafik, Z, AbdelMoneim, W, (eds), (2003), The Grand Museum of Egypt: International Architecture Competition, The Egyptian Ministry of Culture, Volumes I and II.

Published Research:
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Attia, A., (1999), “Planning for Sustainable Tourism Development: An Investigation into Implementing Tourism Policy In the North West Coast Region of Egypt”, Unpublished PhD thesis, University of London.
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Published Research in Confernces:
Attia, A., and Farouk, G., (2002), “The Rehabilitation and Development of Tourist and Historical Areas: the case of the Surrounding Area of the Aquaducts (Magra El-Oyoun) in Historic Cairo”, Proceedings of Fayoum 2nd Conference on Middle Egypt Across Ages, April 30th – May 2nd, (In Arabic)
Attia, A., (2003), “Towards An Integrated Tourism Network in the Egyptian Western Desert: A Regional Approach, Proceedings of Fayoum 3rd Conference on Egyptian Oases And Deserts Along the History: Study of Archeological and Tourist Development”, Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, Fayoum Branch, April 8th -10th.
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Attia, A (2016), Linear parks and Informal Areas: Opportunities & Constraints, Proceedings of the 3rd International Congress on Ambiances: Ambiances, tomorrow, Volos, Greece, September 21-24, 2016,

Educational and Research Projects:
إعداد بحث تطبيقي مشترك بعنوان إعادة تدوير المخلفات الورقية في جامعة عين شمس بالاشتراك مع د. محمد عبدالباقي ود. غادة فاروق
المساهمة في ندوة جامعة عين شمس في خدمة المجتمع وتنمية البيئة: الواقع والمأمول - في الفترة بين 11-13 مايو 2004 و إعداد و إلقاء ورقة عمل بعنوان دور جامعة عين شمس في خدمة المجتمع و البيئة في مجال التخطيط العمراني بالاشتراك مع د. غادة فاروق
التنسيق الفني بين جامعة عين شمس والهيئة العامة للتخطيط العمراني الخاص بمشروع إعداد المخططات الإرشادية لقرى الجمهورية لعدد 53 قرية في الفترة ما بين أبريل 2002 إلى أبريل 2004
إعداد المخططات العمرانية الإرشادية لمجموعة من قرى الجمهورية بمحافظات الشرقية والغربية والدقهلية
اعداد المخططات الاستراتيجية لقرى الوحدة المحلية لقرية كوم اشو بمركز كفر الدوار بمحافظة البحيرة ولقرى الوحدة المحلية لقرية البلاشون بمركز بلبيس – محافظة الشرقية ولقرى الوحدة المحلية لقرية كفور الغاب – مركز كفر سعد – محافظة دمياط ولقرى الوحدة المحلية لقرية الشهيدي بمركز المحلة الكبرى – محافظة الغربية.
مشروع إعداد المخططات الاستراتيجية العامة لمدينة طنطا بمحافظة الغربية ومدينة المنصورة بمحافظة الدقهلية
مشروع امحتب - "إدخال بالأجواء: التجربة الحسية في الفراغات الحضرية" بالخاص بالتعاون بين جامعة عين شمس - كلية الهندسة - قسم التخطيط العمراني وكلية العمارة بجرونبل بفرنسا - مركز CRESSON البحثي
Imhotep Program - Ambiances: sensory experience in urban spaces

Consulting and Engineering Projects:
• JSDP - Jeddah Stormwater Development Program, WER - 008 Ad hoc areas.
• JSDP - Concept Master Plans for Al Rabwah, Al Aziziyah, Jamiyah, Al Ajaweed and Al Harazzat unplanned settlements;
• JSDP – Jeddah Spatial Framework Plan;
• Taif Comprehensive Plan;
• Updating the Jeddah Strategic Plan and the preparation of the Sub-regional, Structure and Local Plans.
• JSDP – Resettlement Action Plan for the expatriated population of Jeddah’s unplanned settlements;
• JECPI - Jazan Economic City Port and Infrastructure Project, Phase 1 Port and City Infrastructure.
• JECPI - Master Plan Updates and Development Guidelines.
• JECPI - City Management and Governance
• JECPI - Architectural design of the City Hall and Municipal Facilities.
• Master Planning of Fanarah Tourist Resort (5.5 km2) at Egypt’s North Coast.
• Branding manual & technical specifications for the commercial registry offices and notary offices as part of the national PPP initiative for upgrading government services in collaboration with Ernest & Young and SE & Partners.
• Feasibility study, design and tender documents for the construction of 3 tunnels under the Suez Canal for the Egyptian National Authority for Tunnels. The consultancy services are carried out by an Egyptian-Spanish consortium including PUD, Paymacotas, Getinsa and BECT.
• Master Planning & Economic Study for the waterfront private property of HRH Prince Talal Bin Abdelaziz in Hurghada for the Kingdom Holding Company in association with AECOM.
• Regional Vision for the 1680km2 North Coast region of Egypt and the Master Planning for the Fuka – Matrouh sub-region (711km2) in association with WEP, Germany & think-GDC, Seattle.
• Cairo Gate's master planning and urban renewal for the 900,000m2 district in the center of Greater Cairo and upgrading of the existing mixed‐uses including the Olympic stadiums, conference center, hospital and Fair Ground.
• Reflections mixed use complex, Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt in association with David Denton Architect.
• Urban Renewal of the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University
• Master Planning for Homs International Airport City, Syria.
• Master Planning for Fao International Marine Port City, Iraq
• Al Aqeelah Oasis, Damascus, Syria.
• Master Planning for Maria Heights Tourist Complex, Homs, Syria.
• Master Planning for Om El Baneen Oasis, Najaf, Iraq.
• Master Planning for City of Knowledge & University of Islamic Sciences, Najaf, Iraq.
• Master Planning for New Najaf City, Iraq.
• Al-Aqeeq Marina, Al Khiran, Kuwait in association with HOK & OBD owned by Hydra and Al-Aqeelah
• Master Planning for El-Khamayel City - 6th of October, Egypt
• Strategic Planning for Tanta City, Gharbiya Governorate, Egypt.
• Strategic Planning for Mansoura City, Egypt.
• Master Planning for Alex Gate mixed use Project, AGPP (Alexandria Growth Pole Project), financed by the World Bank.
• Evaluation of Schools Construction Programme in Gaza & the West Bank in Palestine, financed by the European Commission.
• Master Planning for Palm Beach resort - Riyadh Al-Nakheel Agra, Saudi Arabia.
• Arab World Participation Galleries at the 56th Frankfort Book Fair, Germany.
• Strategic Planning for Akyad Al-Bahariya Village, Awlad Seif Village & Balashone municipality in Sharkiya Governorate, & Kotamat Al-Ghaba Village, Abo Hamar Village, Senbo El-Kobra Village, and Shaheedy Village in Gharbiya Governorate, & Kafr El-Wekala Village in Qualyoubiya Governorate, & Kofoor El Ghab Village in Dumiat Governorate, & Kom Esho Villages, Beheira Governorate, Egypt.
• Master Planning for Marina Matrouh Tourist Complex, the North Coast of Egypt.
• The Royal Oasis Residential, Shopping and Hotel Complex at Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt.
• Nahdet El Arab Tourism Complex, Ain El Sokhna, Egypt.
• Urban Renewal and Structure Planning for the surrounding areas of Magra El Oyoun (Aquaducts) in Historic Cairo
• Al Hashimi, Al kattan, Al Shirbini & al Zahem Hotels and Residential Complexes, Al Madina Al Munawara, Saudi Arabia.
• Master Planning & Detailed designs for Marina Latakya, Syria.
• The Master Planning, detailed design & site supervision for Marina Al Alamein (2000 ha), the North Coast of Egypt.

Supervised Thesis:
الإشراف علي عدد 9 رسالة ماجستير في التخطيط العمراني تم منحها في الفترة ما بين 2000 و2016
الإشراف علي عدد 7 رسالة دكتوراة في التخطيط العمراني تم منحها في الفترة ما بين 2000 و2016
الاشراف حاليا على 3 رسائل للدكتوراة و 1 رسالة ماجستير
مشرف وممتحن خارجي على عدد من رسائل الماجستير والدكتوراة في مصر وخارجها

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